Natural incense stick
Natural incense stick
Natural incense stick
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Natural incense stick

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100% natural

We carefully select our suppliers to make sure that all the raw materials are 100% natural, with no artificial fragrances, dyes, chemical additives, or combustion improvers. 

Sticky powder, made from tree barks, is commonly (by default) used in incense making as a binding agent. There are sticky powder-free incenses with 100% fragrant materials, which release stronger aroma yet burn out faster, compared to the former. 

Shopping guide 

Incenses are commonly shaped as stick, coil, or cone. The burning time varies from shape to shape, with cones lasting the shortest, coils the longest.  

On this page you can find a selection of incense sticks with the classic ingredients and aromas. 


  • Indian Laoshan Sandalwood/ Nha Trang sandalwood/Tonga old sandalwood/Agarwood from Vietnam
  • Length: 21cm
  • Weight: 20g (containing 33-38 sticks)
  • Burning time: 30 min/stick(without wind) 

How to burn incense sticks/coils? 

  • Be gentle as the sticks/coils are fragile and break easily. 
  • It is recommended to insert the incenses into a burner or holder, which are designed to hold the sticks and collect the ash. Apart from serving practical purposes our hand-picked incense burners are artistic enough as home decoration and Zen ornament as well. Check out the full collection. 
  • To last for the longest time of burning please burn indoor and keep air flow at the minimum. 

How to take care of it? 

  • Incenses made from natural materials have unlimitedly long shelf life if stored in a cool and dry place. The scent mellows with time. 
  • Ash can be easily gotten rid of from the burners. Some people like to accumulate the ash at the bottom as a non-inflammable base. Besides ash can be used as good compost. 

Safety tips

  • Although smoke and ash from burning 100% natural incenses prove non-toxic to body or skin, if you feel uncomfortable during burning, please put out the incenses immediately. 
  • Not recommended for pregnant women.
  • Keep your incense and burner away from drapes, or any flammable objects. 
  • Keep out of the reach of small children or pets.