The sauteed pork belly slices with Sichuan chilli sauce

We hear that “sauteed pork belly slices with Sichuan chilli sauce” (in Chinese 回锅肉 hui guo rou) is super popular among foreign meatlovers. This dish will make you eat at least 2 bowls of rice! Again the soul of this dish is the Sichuan spicy bean paste. Make sure it is at hands in your kitchen!


step1. Toss the pork belly in the water and then add a tablespoon of white wine (or vodka, or palinka) and a few pieces of ginger. Boil the water till the pork is tender and almost cooked

step2. Transfer the pork from wok into cold water to cool down, and then cut into slices.

step3. Add oil in the wok and heat up a bit. Toss in the pork slices, stir-fry them until golden looks.

step4. Add ginger, garlic, spicy bean paste (if you prefer it more spicy, you can add chilli here), mix them well up with pork slices.  Add with green onion and some soy sauce. And done!

A little advice: Serve with rice!!