Cabbage and tofu soup

Many of our Hungarian friends liked our last recipe using napa cabbage (kínai kel) , which they can easily buy from their neighborhood supermarket.

If you can also find Tofu, then it is a heavenly match with cabbage. The two combined would make a satisfying yet nutritional soup. It is perfect for winter time like now.  

Step 1: Take out your casserole and boil the water,  chop the cabbage into slices, cut the tofu into one bite cubes.

Step 2: add cabbage and tofu into the boiling water. If you happen to have some mushroom, you can toss some in as well. 

Step 3: season with salt and white pepper and and let it simmer for 6-8 minutes. 

Step 4: finish with sesame oil and green onions and done! 

Very simple, isn’t it?  



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