Yunnan, Puerh tea

Yunnan puerh tea is the most exciting and oldest of all teas in the world

Puer cha (puer cha in Chinese) is a sun-dried, custom-made tea, often picked from ancient tea trees, within the borders of Yunnan Province (southern China), which undergoes post-ripening and, as it ages, a tea specialty with a unique composition and aroma. live.

Many also refer to it as old tea, as its enjoyment value and complexity evolve over the years, and its monetary value continues to grow. In 2006, the Yunnan Quality and Technical Inspection Bureau geographically linked puerh tea to Yunnan and ruled that puerh could only be made from local ingredients. The essence of aging is that with fermentation over the years, puerh tea gradually darkens, its aroma and aroma change, it acquires a very natural earth and cellar odor.

In its acids and vegetables it will be more restrained, oily, smoother, at the same time bioactive substances useful for the human body will be enriched in tea and its health-preserving effect will increase. This is a controlled process of puerh maturation. Puerh teas, like wines, are distinguished and recorded by the vintage and origin of the teas, and the best are valued and accounted for. In the case of puerh teas, quality drink culture means discovering and enjoying the unique character of famous producers or regions and their vintages. Puerh tea has a message that spans generations, mountains, forests and villages, making tea from each vintage, area and farming family unique.


Puerh tea:


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