Three treasures of Yangjiang

Yangjiang is a coastal city in southern China. It is famous for three treasures: bean drum, lacquerware, and knife.

Yangjiang bean drum has a long history of production and production. It mainly selects black beans produced locally in Yangjiang, plus a unique traditional processing technology to make the color black and oily, the black bean meat loosened, the black bean flavor is strong, the flavor is unique, delicious and rich. Nutrition, it is a good seasoning for steamed fish, meat, ribs and stir-fried vegetables, and an ideal raw material for good seasoning and food processing.

Yangjiang lacquerware is a kind of ancient lacquerware, with a long history and well-known at home and abroad for more than 300 years. It is one of the traditional Chinese handicrafts in Guangdong, China, with the ethnic style and strong local characteristics of the Lingnan region.

Among them, the history of making kitchen knives is long, and it is already a national intangible cultural heritage. It can be traced back to 600 AD. At that time, it was mainly used to make weapons. And then slowly changed from making weapons to making people's livelihood knives and scissors. By the Qing Dynasty, almost every household was a knife maker, and it became a veritable kitchen knife producer in China. Almost every Chinese chef would have a chef knife produced in Yangjiang.


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