The Chinese Dragon Boat Festival Guide

The Legendary Story

The legend revolves around a minister and poet named Qu Yuan. In commemoration of his death, it is said that he was exiled by the King and eventually drowned himself in a river. When the locals heard about his fate, they rushed out in boats in an attempt to rescue him. However, their efforts were in vain, as they couldn't find Qu Yuan in the end. To prevent fish from devouring his body, they dropped sticky rice dumplings, known as zongzi, into the river. This tradition gave rise to the annual Dragon Boat Festival in China, where people race dragon boats and eat zongzi to remember and honor Qu Yuan.


The celebration

  • Eating Zongzi
    Zongzi is flavored sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves, with flavors varying significantly across different regions of China. Sweet zongzi are commonly found in Northern China, where jujube or azuki beans are added to the rice. In Southern China, people prefer meat and mushroom fillings. Which flavor do you like the most? Do you know where to buy Zongzi in Budapest's Chinatown? 
    You can find it in Chinatown Terasz and many other restaurants, supermarket in Chinatown! Follow Chinatown Budapest to get more information :)

  • Dragon boat race
    The Dragon Boat Festival also includes the Dragon Boat race, one of its most significant events. In this race, teams compete by rowing colorful dragon boats while the sound of drums fills the air. This activity was inspired by the locals who rowed boats in the river to save Qu Yuan. The tradition of dragon boat racing has been maintained for centuries as a way to commemorate Qu Yuan's story.

  • Carry Chinese fragrant sachets and Hanging Chinese herbs
    During the Dragon Boat Festival, it is believed that carrying fragrant sachets can ward off evil spirits and bring fortune and happiness. These small bags come in various colors and styles and are filled with a mixture of Chinese herbal medicines. Additionally, healthy herbs are hung on the front door as a protective measure. Another interesting tradition is attempting to stand an egg upright at exactly 12:00 noon. It is believed that successfully achieving this will bring fortune and luck throughout the following year.


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  • If you prefer to try out the festive food “zongzi” at #ChinatownTerasz, you can find both the savory and sweet flavor at Stand 1 and Stand 9. Available until the end of Dragon Boat Festival (5th June).

    The savory zongzi always contains belly pork and peanuts (or chestnut), and the sweet edition always contains Chinese dates or adzuki beans.

  • Which stand in Chinatown Terasz can eat Zongzi?


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