Chaozhou, China's Porcelain Capital

Chaozhou is a coastal city in southern China.

Chaozhou ceramics is one of the famous traditional porcelain crafts in Guangdong Province with a long history.

From the shell mound site of Chenqiao Village in the territory, it can be seen that the ancestors thrived and smelted here as early as 6000 years ago.

The excavation also shows that, at least in the early years of Emperor Gaozong's Yifeng-Tiaolu (676-679 AD), Chaozhou had large-scale ceramic production, and underglaze brown colored porcelain appeared.

As the porcelain capital of Guangdong in the Song Dynasty, Chaozhou has its central production area around Chaozhou City. Today, Chaozhou has been awarded the title of "China's Porcelain Capital", and there is considerable ceramic production in the city.

Chaozhou ceramics is a part of Chaozhou culture. It has a solid foundation since the Jin Dynasty, making Chaozhou an important part of the sea ceramic road in the Song Dynasty in Guangdong.

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