7 benefits of drinking tea in spring

Tea contains protein, a variety of vitamins, as well as tea polyphenols, catechins, and lipopolysaccharides, which are not only good for cardiovascular health, but also exert various health care benefits.

Chinese believed that to drink tea in the spring is good for your body and improve the immune system, here are the reason why:

To keep away the Springtime lethargy (Tavaszi letargia)

When spring comes and flowers blooming, people generally feel sleepy and tired at this time. Drinking tea to refresh yourself and relieve the fatigue of spring and make you more energetic.
Green tea or flower tea is the best choice.

To nourish your liver
We’ve experienced the heavy diets of winter, the eating habits of spring have to be readjusted to light, and our daily life has gradually adapted to the changes of seasons. We believe that in the spring, the body's metabolism is vigorous, so the focus of health care in spring is to nourish the liver, and tea is one of the best choices to clean, metabolize, and nourish the liver.

To vitalize your inner energy! The health, balance, peace atmosphere (“正氣Zheng Qi”)
Drinking tea is good for the stomach, it can improve the movement of “qi” in your body and it is especially recommended to drink some heavy tea, plus deep breathing and conditioning, to activate the “qi” smoothly.

To expel the cold & weakness from the body
We have finally survived the winter. When the seasons change, Our body still accumulates the coldness from winter. Drinking tea can help you get rid of the coldness in your body.

To expel the humid from the body
Spring begins with dew in the morning and frost in the night, so the body will feels heavy. Drinking tea can replenish water, help the body metabolize, and relieve cough and clear phlegm in the throat.

To increase the “yang” energy
In spring, everything regrows, it represents a new beginning, and it’s a great time to prepare yourself to get ready for the new/brightness, and release the old/darkness. Drinking tea can help us to follow the energy of it and let the “yang” energy flow.

To stay in shape (from inside out)
We believe that drinking tea can help digestion, metabolism and delay aging, it can also keep you awake and release stress. It is a good ceremony to take care and heal the inner mind and body.

So, cheers! Enjoy a good cup of tea and welcome the arrival of spring!




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