7 benefits of drinking tea in spring

Tea contains protein, a variety of vitamins, as well as tea polyphenols, catechins, and lipopolysaccharides. These components offer not only cardiovascular health benefits but also a range of positive health effects.

In Chinese tradition, consuming tea during the spring season is believed to enhance overall health and boost the immune system. Here are the reasons why:

Combatting Spring Fatigue (Tavaszi letargia):
As spring arrives and flowers bloom, many people experience feelings of lethargy and tiredness. Drinking tea can refresh your energy, combat spring fatigue, and leave you feeling more revitalized. Opt for green tea or floral teas for the best effects.

Liver Nourishment:
After the heavy winter diets, adjusting to lighter spring eating habits becomes crucial. With the body's metabolism becoming more active in spring, focusing on liver nourishment is important for maintaining health. Tea stands out as an excellent choice for cleansing, metabolizing, and nourishing the liver.

Vitalizing Inner Energy ("正氣Zheng Qi"):
Tea consumption benefits the stomach and promotes the movement of "qi" throughout the body. Especially recommended is the combination of hearty teas, deep breathing, and conditioning, which helps to smoothly activate the flow of "qi."

Dispelling Winter Cold and Weakness:
Even as winter ends, the body may retain residual coldness from the previous season. Drinking tea aids in dispelling this lingering chill and helps the body adjust to the warmer season.

Eliminating Dampness:
Spring mornings and nights bring dew and frost, resulting in a heavy feeling in the body. Tea intake replenishes fluids, supports metabolism, and alleviates coughing and throat congestion.

Boosting "Yang" Energy: 
Spring symbolizes renewal and growth, signifying a fresh start. To align with this energy and promote the flow of "yang," tea consumption is recommended.

Maintaining Wellness Inside Out:
Tea is believed to aid digestion, metabolism, and anti-aging efforts. It also promotes alertness and stress relief. Embrace this ceremonial practice to nurture and rejuvenate both the mind and body.

Raise your cup and toast to the joys of spring with a comforting cup of tea. Welcome the season's arrival while embracing the numerous benefits it brings!

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